Sunday, June 4, 2006

Olbermann tears O'Lielly a new one...

One wonders how even a know-nothing Like Falafel O'Loofah could get a fairly well-known piece of history so terribly, completely wrong and air it - twice. Keith Olbermann called 'bullshit' on him big time. Crooks and liars, video and transcript.

Robert Parry also weighs in on this at Consortium News.

If one of those "usual liberal suspects" had said something one-tenth as offensive as O'Reilly's remarks, Fox News surely would have offered up one of its loaded questions, like "Is (fill in the blank) Anti-American or Just Blinded by Hatred of Our Troops?"

O'Reilly's just a self-serving piece of shit who makes way too much money catering to stupid people whom he thinks will buy any crap he cares to lay down, the truth be damned.

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