Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A debating we will go ...

The Rethugs debated last night and Digby sums it up in two short paragraphs.


John McCain is the only adult on that stage and that scares the living hell out of me considering that he's half nuts too. Wow.


I think Rudy won it. These people don't care if he's wearing a teddy under his suit and sleeping with the family schnauzer as long as he promises to spill as much blood as possible.

And that's all it was about. Fortunately, or not, I caught the lowlights on the news this morning. At least I didn't sit through the whole thing. These morons can do nothing but try to sound 'tougher' than the Chimp. It's the only thing they have with which to connect with the 'base'.

Kill the ragheads but save the zygotes, your 'moral values' Republican Party. Jesus weeps ...

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