Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mi Vida Loca

It's probably gonna be pretty light, or at least lightweight, blogging for a few days. Mrs. G is on vacation. She's a banker, and when you get to a certain not real high level, it's the law that you gotta take two weeks off all at once. I think this is so they can spot any spikes in the flow chart if something funny's going on.

We're gonna go out of town for a few days, too, so we're gearing up for that. I'm going to a first ever Class of '62 high school reunion in L.A. this weekend. At that rate, I figgered I best not try and wait for the next one!

Mrs. G keeps coming up with other places to go while we're gone as well. I'll do my best to keep you up to date, and it looks like it's going to be as big a surprise to me as it is to you! It's fun, all good.

We'll be leaving on Thursday and should be home next Wednesday, but ¿quien sabe?

It's a good time to take a little break anyway. It's fun, nay, gratifying, to watch, but it's pretty hard to keep up with which wheels are comin' off the Repug crime wagon on their way to their colossal and well deserved train wreck. They're comin' thick and fast. We just about have to dodge flyin' lug nuts! It's time. Whee!

I'll try to find fun things to post. The serious shit can do without me for a few days.

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