Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On Jerry

Gord told us about Jerry Falwell's demise earlier. You know, it's fucking assholes like him who've helped create the mess we have in this country today. Falwell and others (like Pat Robertson, whom I'd also like to see follow Jerry sooner rather than later) have created a cottage industry out of stifling progress and undermining the Constitution. They convince the sheeple that innovation and scientific exploration and discovery is the work of Evil, and they label progressive thought as being 'unfaithful'. And, heaven forbid, they actually catch you having some fun.

There have been clowns like this throughout history, sanctimonious, hypocritical bastards who can shovel a steaming load and get people to eat it, stuffing their pockets while keeping the sheep in line. Every so often, Fate and Circumstance conspire to give these people more power than they deserve. The Republican domination of Congress over the past decade, and the Presidency for the past 6 years, have allowed these motherfuckers to bring this nation to the brink of disaster.

They've inserted themselves into the political system and used it to their advantage, both financially and with greater influence in government policy. The fact we have any 'faith-based' government agencies is unconscionable and the fact these assholes don't pay taxes is unbelievable.

Whether Jerry Falwell goes to Heaven or Hell means nothing to me (I know where I'm going if Jerry and his gang are correct and I've made my peace with that; I'm prepared to pay for my sins), as long as he's gone, never to return. I'm tired of these southern preachers, radical Islamists, crazy Jews, and William Donohue Catholics setting the discourse in this nation and trying to bend it to their will.

Fuck you, Jerry, fuck the lot of you. Hope you all end up on Jerry's ferry in a hurry. The world, and especially America, will be better off without you. See you in Hell.


Put succinctly, as only our pal 42 can do it:

Burn in hell, you feculent douchebag.

Update dos:

Roger Ailes the Good:

In related news, John McCain is already interviewing new religious zealots he can pander to.

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