Saturday, May 19, 2007

Springtime for Chimpy

From the All Spin Zone:


Today, the newspaper of record, the one which was the blunt instrument of destruction of the Nixon administration, has finally placed George Bush in the crosshairs. In consciously invoking a play on some of the most damning words of the Watergate scandal, the Bush administration has been put on notice: the end is near.

Somewhere, Katherine Graham is smiling.


And the thing that got me was this:


"And so we will put in place programs to protect the American people that honor the civil liberties of our people, and programs that we constantly brief to Congress," Mr. Bush assured the country yesterday, as he brushed off requests for a more detailed account. But this is exactly the point of contention. The administration, it appears from Mr. Comey's testimony, was willing to go forward, against legal advice, with a program that the Justice Department had concluded did not "honor the civil liberties of our people." Nor is it clear that Congress was adequately informed. The president would like to make this unpleasant controversy disappear behind the national security curtain. That cannot be allowed to happen.

As I said a little over a month ago:

By the way, as Spring arrives, do you catch a faint scent of Watergate on the breeze lately? Heh ...

Great thanks to Skippy for the ASZ link.

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