Tuesday, September 23, 2008

American CEOs, Take Note...

TimesOnline (UK)

Corporate India is in shock after a mob of sacked workers bludgeoned to death the chief executive who had dismissed them from a factory in a suburb of Delhi.

Lalit Kishore Choudhary, 47, the head of the Indian operations of Graziano Transmissioni, an Italian-headquartered manufacturer of car parts, died of severe head wounds on Monday afternoon after being attacked by scores of laid-off employees, police said.

The incident, in Greater Noida, just outside the Indian capital, followed a long-running dispute between the factory's management and workers who had demanded better pay and permanent contracts.

I'm not condoning this of course, but it beats the shit out of organizing a union and waiting for it to do something other than be co-opted by management.

Imagine laid-off HP workers beating the crap out of Carly Fiorina, just as an example. Heh.

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