Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I was wondering ...

When it would happen. I heard some Republican twit yesterday (I had CNN on while I was sanding spackle) say (paraphrasing) that 'if it weren't for Bill Clinton's policies, we wouldn't be in this mess'.

Thankfully, and surprisingly, the Dem twit didn't let it stand, reminding everyone that Clinton left with the economy in good shape, riding a multi-billion dollar surplus.

Dear Rethugs,

It's been 8 years since Clinton was in the White House. You can't make that reach anymore and it just makes you look more ignorant than you actually are. Tough job, but if anyone can sink into the muck, it's the Rethuglicans.



PS: I still don't supprt the bailout, any bailout. Personally, I believe this is basically a major correction in the market. Coming out of a bubble of over-inflated home prices (artificial) and inflated stock prices, I get the feeling that if nothing is done the market will stabilize in the 7000 - 9000 range, probably where it should be. The only reason action is so "imperative" is to relieve the fat cats of their losses without pain to them. It does nothing for us.

Back to sanding ...

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