Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breaking: John McCain to suspend campaign

Channel 15, ABC News, Phoenix

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is reportedly suspending his campaign to return to Washington, D.C. for bailout talks, according to FOX News and NBC News.

FOX News reports McCain is asking for Friday's presidential debate in Oxford, Mississippi to be postponed to help focus on the domestic front and is asking Obama to suspend his campaign as well.

Gee, d'ya think McCain knows Obama is gonna blow his ass outta the water if they 'debate'?

Actually, it ain't so much McCain 'going to Washington to work on the bailout' as it probably is his campaign staff who are needed to lobby desperately for it, leaving ol' Johnny-boy with no one to hold his hand or mis-inform him as to what to do.

Suspend away, old man. It's a good career move. Your moron base can fumble along just fine without you and the bimbo, and neither of you will have to answer any questions for a while.

Besides, I'm sick of lookin' at the both of yas and listening to your lies. Thanks for the break.

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