Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How I spent my afternoon ...

I had the distinct honor and privilege to meet up with regular reader and commenter John Gall, his lovely wife Delaine, and his college buddy Bob at a local seafood place the Mrs.* and I used to frequent when we were dating. John and his wife were in from Iowa, visiting Bob (who lives about 4 hours north of the Island) and made the trip down so Delaine could finally see the ocean (seems John made a promise to take her a long time ago and he finally came through ... heh) and to visit yours truly, which flatters me to no end.

We put down a few, had some of the local shellfish, and talked our asses off. 3 hours went far too quickly. I'm tickled to death to have had the opportunity to meet such righteous folks.

Safe trip home, guys. Glad you're taking back some good memories from my home.

*Unfortunately, Mrs. F is in Boston on business and couldn't attend, which is a shame because she has a far better personality than I do. Everybody likes her better than me. Heh ...

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