Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"We gotta sink the Eurodam 'cuz the world depends on us"*

If there's anybody out there who enjoys sea cruises, this one'll make ya puke.

The Ostroy Report has an inside man. I'll make ya go read it with just this one line:

Sounds like our nation's leading conservatives are having a gay old time at sea.....

Sounds like they're gettin' inta the old Royal Navy seafaring spirit of "Ah, for the good ol' days of rum, sodomy, and the lash! Arrghhhh!". Traditionalists all. What happens in international waters stays in international waters and it won't get shown on U.S. TV. Waiting for the crew's cell phone vids on YouTube...

*Apologies to Johnny Horton. This time it ain't nothin' against the ship. It'd be like sinkin' the Noah's Ark Of Evil.

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