Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Losing enemies ...

HTML Mencken understands the neocon mindset. They need someone to blame. Used to be the Commies and the blacks. Then it was the Mexicans and Latin Americans who got in here under the wire (or over the fence as it were). Then it was Liberals and Progressives. And the latest are the Muslims. Without someone to blame for their ills and vilify for their differences, they just ain't happy. Heaven forbid the Iranians actually get them some democracy:

War is the goal of the neocon collective; more subhuman than subhuman is their motto. Always has been, always will be. Neocons have to have an external enemy, legitimate or manufactured: it gives them political power and gives them — for lack of a better phrase — personal fulfillment. War is the force that gives meaning to their lives, makes them feel part of something important. Some people collect stamps, others like to attend church; neocons fap* to destruction wrought by America or Israel on "eeevildoers," preferably dusky and Muslim.


I mean, on actual policy that doesn't involve "kill 'em all", they got nothin'.

*Fap = Masturbate, for the uninitiated.

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