Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rat Rod Rock

I needs me a midweek break from Iran, Iran, Iran, neocons, Repug whining, yada, yada....

YouTube recommends things for me to watch. I even watch 'em sometimes.

I never heard of these guys, and in my exhaustive research I found out there's more bands called 'The Vipers' than you can shake a stick at, but I think this is this one. I can dig it - easy for the tattoo artist to spell when he's inkin' up the groupies, evokes kinda a bad boy image. Cool.

I ain't really a rock and roll guy, but what got me goin' on this one was the shot of the old Ford flathead about two seconds in. I loves me some flatheads! It's an old fart thing. The slightly-less-than-show-quality real world po' boy hotrods are cool too. Remember, form follows function, and the main function of these things is ta haul ass and pick up the kind of girls your mother warned you about. Then the pictures of about every girl my mother ever warned me about. The ones I managed to meet were all very nice girls, even the crazy ones, heh, and are probly grandmothers by now. Don't look at me...

The Vipers ~ Dust In My Pants

Thanks to Termite58.

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