Thursday, June 18, 2009

So, just like California ...

Our federal government treats a select group of gay folks like human beings (sorta) and says "fuck you" to the rest of 'em.

Faced with growing anger among gay and lesbian supporters, the Obama administration today announced extension of some benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees, but stopped short of offering full healthcare coverage.


Gee, thanks. Could ya spare it, mate? [/sarcasm]

You know, I'm tired of hearing about "American values" when we can deny 15% (thereabouts) of our population rights the rest of us enjoy and take for granted. I'm tired of hearing the "freedom and democracy" drumbeat with regard to Iran when, for a good portion of our population, "freedom and democracy" are certainly something much less.

Talk to me when all of our people can enjoy the rights and freedoms affirmed in the Constitution. Talk to me when we're not the only civilized nation where close to 20% of its people walk a thin line between medical care and starvation. I don't want to know about "values" and "freedom" and "rights" in other places until we clean up our own act. I don't want to hear "we don't want to become Europe" when Europe does more to respect the value of its citizens and their contributions than we do; when Cuba has a better healthcare system than we do.

Instead of strutting about and preening like superior beings, telling everyone how great we are, when more and more of our people are getting left behind every day, it's time we actually did something. In my neighborhood, bullshit doesn't cut it, positive action does.

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