Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beyond the taco..


A new wave of mobile vendors is altering the way we look at that hallmark of Los Angeles' street cuisine, the taco truck. Broadening the offerings to be had on four wheels, these trucks demonstrate a decidedly more experimental -- and often more expensive -- culinary sensibility. These are the Nouveau Food Trucks.

The complete article is here, but here's a coupla examples. Most have links:

1. Baby's Badass Burgers

Baby's Badass Burgers, which rolled out Monday, Aug. 10, features gourmet burgers like the Man Eater (-half-pound beef burger) and the Cougar (aged beef, St. Andre cheese and black truffles), all served by babes in cheek-hugging hot pants and skintight tank tops.

Sounds OK so far...

3. Bool BBQ Truck

Born in Korea and raised in Sao Paolo and Los Angeles, owner Dan Kim dishes out Korean-Mexican barbecued tacos and Brazilian pastels.

Still OK. As long as Kim barbecues the 'meow' out of it.

Here it starts ta get a little weird:

9. Fishlips Sushi truck

This roving sushi truck serves spicy tuna rolls, California rolls and crunchy rolls plus tamari sushi.

20. Marked 5 truck

Hamburger, tonkatsu, curried chicken or tofu patties tucked between two "buns" made of pressed rice.

23. The Pupusamobile

This handmade mobile pupuseria is coming soon.

I ain't got the faintest idea what a 'pupusa' is. Sounds like a stage of insect development.

I'd say 'only in L.A,' but I'd be wrong. Anyplace ya got a good melting pot of cultures goin' on, yer probly gettin' an upswing of ethnic food trucks. Reg'lar ol' street food on wheels, and why not?

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