Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pulling the plug on the Republicans

I think I got a theme goin' today.

Mark Rubin, EssEff Examiner.

The worst part of Obama's mishandling of healthcare reform has been his attempts to have a bi-partisan bill. The question is why?

The country voted the Republicans and conservatives out of the federal government because the country had enough of the ineptitude, dishonesty, incompetence, and multiple disasters visited on the country as a result of conservative Republican policies.

If there is anything the Republicans proved in the last 8 years its that they are incapable of leading and running the government. And Senator Judd admitting they "weren't very good stewards of the government", and Senator Grahams's admissions of mismanagement, while sincere, isn't enough to give anyone confidence they can do anything right.

Bush all by himself did more damage to the United States in 8 years than the Soviet Union could in 50.

The results of having engaged the Republicans in the healthcare debate are evident. There's been lying, disinformation, smoke screens, and the loud, disruptive, dishonest, holier than thou groups dominating town hall meetings which were stuffed with Republicans and conservatives who still think, after being proved wrong about everything, that they know best. As we saw from the shouters at Senator Specter's town hall, the Republican idea of healthcare reform is limits on medical malpractice awards.

Obama's problem is he didn't take on the lying and disinformation from the beginning, and as John Kerry found out in 2004, lies that go unchallenged can be effective. And believed by ignorant people. Now that Obama has had a few "teachable moments" at the hands of the Republicans he may be a bit wiser (my em).

Soldiers and Marines train intensively to minimize 'teachable moments' in combat that can leave them dead. The fight against the goddam Repugs is less fatal, but war nonetheless.

What's needed now for the sake of real healthcare reform and getting a bill that will do the most good for the most people, which includes a public option, is for Obama and the Democrats to do what the doctor ordered. And that means pulling the plug on the Republicans, ramming the reform bill through with a public option. and asking Senator Grassley and Michael Steele where to send the flowers.

Fuckin' A.

Note to Barry: Look, dude, wise up. Bipartisanship was a nice idea. It didn't work. Those assholes aren't going to vote for real health care/insurance reform in any case, no matter what you do. Tell 'em to go fuck themselves and get a bill passed. Ram it down their fuckin' throats. With a public option or it's all for nought - when you took single-payer off the table, that was the compromise. More than I would have given them.

Time to man up and do what you know is right.

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