Thursday, August 20, 2009

What If Liberals Packed Heat At A Tea Party?

Why, we'd be arrested or have to use them in self-defense, of course. Shit, the Repugs had people arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts for fuck's sake.

Air America with video.

But why would citizens exercise this somewhat outmoded Constitutional right to carry loaded guns (or unloaded guns) at a political event these days? We say it's plain old bully behavior using dogma as a stick.

That's it in a nutshell. Repugs are fucking bullies. Period.

You know that assclown who started this 'strapped' shit in New Hampshire? The guy was a fuckin' idiot. First, he had his firearm in a rig straight out of some special ops/tactical cop catalog that was so far down his leg he might have had to bend down to unholster it, and second, he was carrying his stupid-ass "tree of liberty" sign in his gun hand!

I could have had that pistol up his ass before he could have even touched it. Or broken his wrist and let him try. Probly would have been arrested for showing a phony 'patriot' what a fool he was being, too.

"Open carry" guns are visible and known. You can keep your eyes on those people and be ready for them. "Concealed carry" weapons are far more dangerous simply because their presence goes undetected until it's time to shoot someone.

This alarming trend toward carrying firearms to political events is just a stupid wingtard statement. I think the statement is "I brought my gun so Libruls wouldn't laugh at my funny little wingtard dick".

Note to the pencil-dick Repug fake pistoleros: It didn't work. My sides hurt...

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