Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I still care, but...

The only way real reform will take place now is if Barry gets up and takes control of the situation. - Fixer's comment on this post

What should be done, is scrapping whatever has been done so far and the White House should write a bill. It should then be given to Congress with a message to the Dems to "vote it down at your own political peril". That is what leadership looks like. - Fixer

It's uncanny sometimes how close Fixer and I think. We never collaborate on anything, but sometimes it's like a transcontinental mind meld. Ibuprofen helps.

Just yesterday I came up with the following for Obama to use to address a joint session of Congress:

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate and House of Representatives. I want the health care and insurance reform bill that I want, so here's the deal - you people bring me a bill that reins in your thieving insurance industry by means of a strong public option and I will sign it into law. Anything less and I will not only veto it, I will veto every goddam spending proposal you bring me for the rest of my term and you ying-yangs will never get to bring one goddam dime of taxpayers' money to your districts ever again. This is so goddam important to change the criminally negligent way you clowns have conducted the people's business for so many years that I don't give a shit if I get re-elected or not. I'm puttin' my ass on the line for this and I'm puttin' your asses on the line as well.

"As to bipartisanship, I now know exactly what to expect from you Republicans, which is diddly squat for the American people and all out for big money special interests and their status quo if not further enhancement of profit at the public's expense and to the public's detriment. Business as usual. I suspected all along that this would be the case but I tried to work with you. Bent over backwards and frontwards. It didn't work. As a result, fuck you. We don't need you. You may leave. What passes these days for reporters are standing by outside to hear your usual bullshit.

"And to you Democrats, I have never seen such a spineless bunch in my life. You finally got a solid majority after years of getting shat upon and have the power and you're too goddam scared to use it! What's with you people? You just continue to let the goddam Republicans steamroller you with their lies and bullshit! You should stomp the fuckers! Frankly, you pussies disgust me. This may be your last chance to grow a pair and get on board on the side of the people who elected you. Do it.

"The 2010 elections? I will actively work against any of you who do not stand with me on this important legislation, to include Democratic campaign money for your primary opponents, not to mention selective leaks of some verrrry interesting material we have on file that the enquiring minds of your constituents want to know.

"2012? Couldn't care less. Health care reform is what the American people elected me to do for them, and good health care reform is what I'm going to get for them or die trying.

"This is it. The line in the sand is drawn. Stand together with me and the American people or stand with the special interests and prepare to have me shout it from the rooftops whichever way you go. The choice is yours.

"Good day, ladies and gentlemen. God bless the United States of America and may God have mercy on your souls if you go the wrong way on the most important issue you are likely to face in your careers. He's got your soul, but I'll have yer ass."

He might want to change a coupla words here and there. I just write like I talk. I threw the 'God' shit in there because politicians always do. Like God gives a shit.

Yes we can? Fat fuckin' chance.

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