Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health care mobs = Swift Boat Vets. And the press plays dumb, again

Media Matters

During August's summer daze, right-wing mini-mobs (egged on by corporate interests) have run wild at town hall meetings, propagating all kinds of smears and misinformation in an effort to derail an important Democratic campaign. Yet the mini-mob members have been treated as deeply important newsmakers by the press during a slow summer news month.

Sound familiar? Recall August 2004, when the right-wing Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (egged on by corporate interests) stole a month's worth of campaign headlines by propagating all kinds of smears and misinformation in an attempt to derail an important Democratic campaign. Yet they were treated as deeply important newsmakers by the press during a slow summer news month.

Honestly, the only thing missing this time around is a crackpot, best-selling book.

(The Swifties' right-wing publisher must be kicking itself over the missed marketing opportunity.)

But what has been perfectly consistent is the way the press has, again, fallen for a right-wing smear campaign and dressed it up as news. Just as with the Swifties, the press has turned over its summer coverage to a band of agitators spreading misinformation. Five summers ago, the Swift Boat Vets helped hijack the election. They lied about documents, they lied about eyewitness, and they lied about their partisan affiliations and connections. For several crucial weeks during the campaign, journalists turned away from the pile-up of Swift Boat falsehoods and contradictions, rarely daring to call the Swift Boat attack out for what it really was -- a hoax. Too spooked by the GOP Noise Machine and its charge of liberal media bias, the press propped up the Vets as serious men and showered them with attention.

[...] It turns out journalists are petrified of calling out right-wing activists as liars, and the other side knows it.

"Journalists" are scared shitless. Dems are scared shitless. Of what? Telling the truth? Losing their jobs and money? That the ruling elites are gonna come out from under their beds at night and say 'boo'?

I swear, corporate America, the Repug pols, K Street,and the wingtard loonies need to have a dungaree liberty held on 'em. Let the Dems and journos watch so they'll know the bigwigs they're so scared of are just plain old bullies (Repug policy) made of flesh and blood just like them. Lotsa blood, I hope.

I looked for a good definition of "dungaree liberty" but didn't find one, so here goes:

When Marines or Sailors from a base or ship get fucked with in town by gangs, merchants, bar girls, whomever, and get tired of it, their C.O.s have been known to call a dungaree liberty wherein they put on their working clothes, 'dungarees', arm themselves with clubs, rack ends, entrenching tools, belaying pins, etc. and go into the places they've been fucked with and clean house.

I did find this:

...mid 1950's I recall scuttlebutt about Chesty declaring war on Mexico, a Mexican gang, the Pachukos were fvcking Marines up in Tijuana and he supposedly turned the 1st MarDiv loose on the gangs down there. Dungaree Liberty.

The way I heard that one was that they went down there as units, combat load-out, in Marine Corps six-bys. Armed to the teeth and loaded for bear, many of them just back from the Korean War. It may be an apocryphal legend.

I'm gettin' more and more up for a little 'nightstick boogie' on these 'tard assholes.

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