Monday, August 17, 2009

Note to MSNBC: Please Give Lawrence O’Donnell His Own Show

Pensito Review, with video.

Substituting for Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball” yesterday, Lawrence O’Donnell was at the top of his game during an interview about Republican opposition to health-care reform with Rep. John Culbertson (R-Texas). O’Donnell exposed the Republicans’ hypocritical opposition to the government option because it is “socialism” while insisting they support the equally socialist Medicare program. He also called Culbertson on his party’s lies over “death panels” and the rest. It was a joy to watch:

He is one of the best of the substitute hosts on MSNBC, and certainly ought to be given his own show, perhaps in the hour before the “Ed Show” — and, what the heck, maybe MSBNC could have at least one show that is anchored from Los Angeles, which is not only where O’Donnell lives but also home of a huge segment of the network’s audience.

Mr. O'Donnell is very knowledgeable and has stones the size of basketballs. I always enjoy watching him and I agree that he should have his own show but I doubt he would be willing to take the cut in pay.

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