Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I just figured out ...

How you can get your piece of the pie in these hard times. Incorporate!

Today's Washington Post shines a spotlight on the current state of laws protecting us from dangerous chemicals. Guess what? Not so good. And, the chemical industry has the law on its side -- for now. Of course, the chemical industry pushes the limits of the law allowing secrecy and, no doubt, the Bush administration never pushed back ...

No shit. If you're a corporation, you get to be treated as a "person" by the U.S. government and the legal system, are free from government regulation, and get bailed out when your financial decisions end poorly.

What I'm gonna do is turn myself into a corporation and a religious institution. Then I can do anything I want and I'll have a government and social safety net to protect me from myself. Sure beats being a regular guy who has to pay his bills, follow the law, and get ignored by his elected officials.

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