Monday, January 4, 2010

Imus calls bullshit on Hume

A follow-up to Fixer's post:

Think Progress, with video

This morning, Hume’s colleagues on the Fox Business network decided to do a little digging into his claims. The Don Imus show crew reported that Hume doesn’t quite have his facts straight on Buddhism:

IMUS: Well, we checked this morning and unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately if you are a Buddhist, there is a path to recovery and redemption. Right? Well yes there is. The idea of redemption — nirvana under Buddhism — is achieving the state of being freed from greed, hate, and delusion..

What would Hume know about 'being freed from greed, hate, and delusion'? Disseminating those things is how he makes his living.

Appearing later in the show, Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell began mocking Hume. “He might as well have just let out like an Ernest Angley-style ‘be healed!’ and ‘to the Lord, for he is good! Put your hand on the TV!” Watch a compilation:

Imus noted that Hume’s colleagues on the panel — including “the nut from wherever he’s from — [Bill] Kristol” (who is not Christian) — appeared to be stunned into silence and “looking at their shoes” while Hume proselytized.

Man, that's good! I gotta congratulate Hume - if you can embarrass a fuckup like Kristol and have a fuckup like Imus call you on it, you are a world class fuckup your own self! Heh.

Keep sluggin' away at each other, F**sters. One of these days you might land one.

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