Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Obama “Aloha” Bobbleheads Selling Well
Each comes with copy of his birth certificate.

Mrs. G bought the 'Big Kahuna Howzit' surfer one on the left. She thought the other ones were silly (!). It actually bobbles at the waist. It is sitting on the family altar above the TV set right next to my die-cast '59 Triumph Bonneville. No birth certificate. You can get them at Tikimaster along with an incredible amount of other really tacky stuff.

Colorado Becomes First State to Lower Minimum Wage
Hopes China will outsource jobs to Denver.

That will make the Repugs happy until it dawns on them that soon there'll be no one who can afford even their cheaply-made stuff. On the bright side, no income, no taxes.

This one explains a lot:

Study: Whiny Children End Up Conservative, Confident Children Liberal
Based on interviews with 100 U.S. Senators.

In the 'Now I've seen everything, you may shoot me' dept.:

Japanese Develop See-Through Goldfish
Yes, your $110 fish is in this bowl, you just can’t see it.

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