Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Uneasy Feeling

Bob Herbert comments on the nation's future:

We’re not smart as a nation. We don’t learn from the past, and we don’t plan for the future. We’ve spent a year turning ourselves inside out with arguments of every sort over health care reform only to come up with a bloated, Rube Goldberg legislative mess that protects the insurance and drug industries and does not rein in runaway health care costs.

The politicians will be back soon, trust me, screaming about the need to rein in health costs.

We keep talking about how essential it is to radically improve public education while, at the same time, we’re closing libraries and firing teachers by the tens of thousands for economic reasons.

The fault lies everywhere. The president, the Congress, the news media and the public are all to blame. Shared sacrifice is not part of anyone’s program. Politicians can’t seem to tell the difference between wasteful spending and investments in a more sustainable future. Any talk of raising taxes is considered blasphemous, but there is a constant din of empty yapping about controlling budget deficits.

Oh, yes, and we’re fighting two wars.

If America can’t change, then the current state of decline is bound to continue. [...]

We're screwed. I'd like to see America be smarter than it is, and we have a lot of smart people, but to quote an old song, we're "gettin' so much resistance from behind...", the difference between now and then is that instead of the people being in the streets on their own to protest the government, the stoopids have been conned into the streets to protest a buncha made-up shit.

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