Sunday, July 11, 2010


Comrade Misfit on immigration enforcement that works:


Arresting and deporting illegal migrants does not work, but it gives lots of jobs to law enforcement and those who run the private prisons that have become ICE's black sites. trying the idea of "maybe they won't come if there is no work for them to do" apparently really upsets the party of Hoover, not to mention their donors from industries that use undocumented workers.


The status quo works out well for the Republicans. Their Big Ag donors who hire undocumented workers continue to have a workforce and their Big Prison donors get to lock up the ones they catch. Hey, there's 12 million of 'em.

It's sorta like the defense budget:


If anything disqualifies Sarah Palin as a serious candidate for national office, it ought to be that statement, that she cannot fathom a situation where we have to reduce the defense budget from $700 billion a year back down into the $300-400 billion a year range. She must have no understanding about the need for defense acquisition reform or to develop a defense budget while recognizing the need to fund the rest of the federal government, because no one who has seriously examined defense issues would make such an idiotic statement.


Another place where Republican donors make their money. We spend more on defense than all of the world's armies combined. What the fuck are we supposed to be protecting ourselves from?

The Republicans are all about separating us from what little money we have left. I wonder when Wal-Mart will bring back the concept of "company towns".

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