Friday, July 16, 2010

You wanna win?

I don't give the Dems much of a chance in the midterms this November and I haven't heard about anything they can do to change that. They talk about messaging and all the propaganda bullshit when an old adage still rings true; "actions speak louder than words". If you have to take the time to explain nuance to people, you've already lost.


"How do you make rank and file Dems care about the midterms? It's unclear that yelling about how mean and nasty Republicans are is going to cut it."

No, it's not unclear. Fear of the Republicans just won't cut it, because the Democrats have been doing the very same things the Republicans used to do, or close enough that what they're doing will make little difference in improving lives any time soon. Yes, the only way the Democrats in Government can get the Democrats out of Government fired up is for the Democrats in Government to do some important things for their base that it recognizes is for them. Some things whose value is obvious, and doesn't need to be explained to them. Some things that would make the base care before the election whether or not the Democrats lost, and very, very sorry after it if they did. Some things that would make the base proud to be Democrats again. Some things that would make the base not wish that enough Democrats lost in the 2010 election that the whole Party ceased to exist, and opened up the way for a new party that would really represent working people again for the first time since the 1970s. What could those things be? Well, here are four things that could be done. But the last three things can't be done unless the very first thing is done, because there just isn't enough "Congress time" in an election year to do them the normal way. [my em]


Americans, as a whole, are too ignorant to appreciate nuance and the Dems, as a whole, are too ignorant, willfully or not, of what the base really wants. Here's a hint: It ain't Republican-lite.

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