Friday, July 16, 2010

The great Dick Cheney empathy test

Friday Morford on the start of Dick Cheney's final slide to hell. A 'must read'.

So it begins.

The first knee-jerk response to the Great Dick Cheney Empathy Test (GDCET) is, of course, the easiest, and the most obvious, the most available to your giddy puppydog consciousness, and my guess is it shot through you like a fast and wonderful lightning bolt of OH MY SWEET JESUS YES the instant you read the story above.

That response was, shall we say, not very subtle. It was, I'm guessing, a not-so-secret howl to the universe that the sooner Dick exits this earthly plane, the healthier, lighter and happier we will all be, planetwide. Dark shadows will lift, flowers will bloom more brightly, 10 million female uteri can finally unclench, and so on.

This one is so good I put it in toto Below The Fold.

I must not be a very good Liberal or Christian. I wish for Cheney to die a slow lingering wasting death in pain and suffering. I want him to see the light in his final moment and realize how badly he fucked up. I want him to burn (in oil, heh) for eternity amidst the never-ending screams of the innocents he murdered.

We have no chance of him answering for his crimes on this earth. Any vengeance, payback, karma, justice will have to come in the hereafter, so for Cheney's sake, I hope there is one.

He's dying and there's no hurry. I have no empathy for Cheney whatsoever. I save my empathy for human beings.

His 'final slide to hell'? I hope it's covered in ground glass and rusty nails and he arrives at his reward in shreds.

Oh, and I hope he lives until at least one minute after midnight next January 1st so his family will have to pay inheritance tax on his ill-gotten millions. It's all we're going to get out of him. I'm sure his 'family', good Repugs all, hope he does the right thing and croaks sooner than that.

I think I failed Morford's test. How'd you do?

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