Monday, July 12, 2010

Holy Foreskin!

Sometimes I run across stuff on topics that make me wonder if everybody but me is crazy and then I remove all doubt and go crazy too.

Bad Latitude @ EssEffChron

If you've ever wondered what it took to make mild-mannered travel guru Rick Steves utter the phrase "Jesus' penis" (and seriously, who among us hasn't wondered that?), author Dave Farley knows.

The answer: Spend five years in Rome and an odd-ball nearby village writing a book about, among other things, "the Holy Foreskin." (Steves, who has whimsy to spare, featured Farley, a New York-based travel writer, on his radio show, managing to hit almost every euphemism possible for the topic.)

Farley's book, "An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of the Church's Strangest Relic in Italy's Oddest Town," answers every question you might have had about "the only piece of flesh (Jesus) would have left on Earth when he ascended into Heaven."

Oy. There's more and even funnier. Apparently this is a huge item of discussion in the Vatican, experts on penises to a man. The part that makes the most sense:

(Editor's note: Under new Federal Trade Commission guidelines, it should subtly be disclosed that Farley gave me a free copy of the book -- and that we discussed the topic over Guinness and tequila shots in a New York nightclub before the discussion turned to finding a bar that had a mechanical bull. I think.)

Alcohol and bull. Now that I believe.

BTW, I almost titled this post "Tip of the Day", but I restrained myself.


I actually got to thinking about circumcision yesterday. I was trying to do an end run around the (very) high cost of a spark arrestor for my trials bike by making one myself. I was using parts from different things I had laying around - old Hodaka motorcycle, a shovel with no handle, and a tea strainer - and I was cutting one part off a little at a time to get an inside diameter that would fit over the muffler end. I was being careful and trying to avoid having to say the one thing you don't want to hear from a mohel: "Oops. Sorry, Shorty!"

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