Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Headline of the Day

God Smites GOP Leader Eric Cantor’s District with 5.8 Earthquake

If this latest visitation from God won’t open their eyes, what will? If they won’t heed the 130-year curse of kudzu, the recent bouts of record heat, the droughts, floods, hurricanes, oil spills and now an earthquake, what will it take to force them to mend their wicked ways?

Cue the swarms of locusts.


casey said...

Hello Gordon,

Too bad that it goes over their heads. They would not understand it if all their first born males were taken.

Gordon said...

If it comes to that, this time have someone check the bulrushes for leftovers.

Anonymous said...

I have a passing familiarity with the Old Testament and one of the first things that occurred to me as a child was that when the "wrath of God" was visited it wiped the board clean - no "smart" bombs you might say. I guess the hypocritical snagged the wrath and then it was extended to everybody because nobody did anything about it. Everybody boils in the same pot. :)

Personally, I think God might be pissed because his religion has been prostituted by the oh so public Christians and the rest of us will be earthquaked, tornadoed, droughted, hurricaned, and who knows what else right along with them for letting them run amuck.

Jay in N.C.