Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If you've been out of town ...

Or on another planet for a while, or don't live in the US and haven't gotten the full effect of Bachmann the Nut, here's your chance.


Michele Bachmann Bizarro World is an attempt to organize her insanity, bigotry and lying into categories.

We don't claim that she is insane, a bigot and a liar haphazardly -- we can point to many specific examples. We would like anyone who just discovered Michele to get an idea of the depth and breadth of her wackiness, hate and lack of honesty. For anyone familiar with her, we hope you'll find this helpful.


An encyclopædic work of all the crazy in one place, written by the people who know her best, real Minnesotans (unlike our pal Froggy, who'll always be a Jersey boy, no matter how cold he gets).

Great thanks to Skippy for the link.


DBK said...

I've lost half my accent, according to the locals. When I lose the other half, and when I start to like it here, then I'll be a Minnesotan.

Christ on Melba Toast, I miss New York.

I spoke with a Bachmann supporter a while back at a poker party. He was an idiot. I had quoted something stupid she had said in an interview. He told me he hadn't seen the interview (it was on Pajamas Media and, at the time, was still available for viewing). So after telling me he hadn't seen the interview, he proceeded to tell me that she had been misquoted and then he told me what she had really meant. His version was exactly opposite of what she had meant. I had seen the interview. She hadn't been misquoted because her words, the entire interview, were available for viewing.

Did I mention this guy was a lawyer?

Gordon said...

Perry's knocked Crazy Eyes outta the running unless she doubles down on the crazy.