Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old folks iz pussies ...

The great Athenae, Queen of the Rant:


Apparently what we really needed was the strength and inner toughness to let our old folks just die in misery and poverty. The ones who hadn't been smart enough to get rich, of course. The smart ones, the ones who valued Hard Work and Bootstraps and Eating Beets and whatever, would have enough money to live in their mansions with their servants until the end of time, or (and this is my personal fantasy of my late 80s) die in a hammock someplace warm, preferably of rum consumption.


Ya see, you old folks shoulda saved better when you were putting diapers, braces, and clothes on your kids, paying a mortgage, fixing your car so you can work your ass off for 40 years, keeping the lights on, etc.

How the fuck they expect people to exist on Social Security as it is, let alone if they do away with it and Medicare? The Republicans are some of the most sadistic bastards I've ever seen. They've managed to do away with secure pensions, instead making us give our savings over to their bankster buddies because keeping it in a safe savings account earns you shit. The old folks, if they have any type of investments, are at the mercy of these pirates and "the markets". I despise these people.

It is also getting harder to deal with my conservative friends, people who are reasonably intelligent and decent, lately because they support assholes like this. When it was a matter of having a different point of view about how the country should be run it was one thing and made for good debate, but when one party has become so mean spirited, not even bothering to hide their contempt for the poor, elderly, and infirm anymore (or their racism) and a friend can still defend it, it makes me want to reconsider calling that person a friend.


mandt said...

"it makes me want to reconsider calling that person a friend." Or family! It's getting close to that. I realized that family, who loves you no matter what and votes against your civil rights does not love you no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Anyone, not just family, who votes for politicians who stand for and support issues that have negative impact on your well-being are not your friend.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to say this but I've distanced myself from a couple of friends of 40 years standing because of their vicious political stance. What is puzzling is that these are working class people who in years past had no noticeable political thought or philosophy. In fact, I'm pretty sure they didn't even vote.

One of them lost his father when the family was young and they depended on Social Security payments to keep body and soul together. The mother later worked for the school system (one of those lazy-assed, socialists I guess). My friend has never had to pay a medical bill for his elderly mother or support her financially in any way but he is tea party republican all the way - while waiting to collect his Social Security and Medicare. Another friend just recently retired from the VA Hospital system but is tea party republican all the way - while collecting govt sponsored retirement and medical insurance. She never had to pay a medical bill for her father who lived to be 90 years old and who got by primarily on his Social Security.

At any rate, I just can't be around them. These were close friends for decades but the bitterness, snottiness, hatred, and STUPIDITY that has infected them is more than I can stand. I don't need friends like these.

Is it something in the water supply that's making us shrill, stupid people who hunger to watch another's suffering?

Jay in N.C.