Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prep ...

Running around already, making sure I got enough beer and provisions for the next couple days. Heading over to dad-in-law's in a couple minutes to get him squared away. He's just north of the evac line so I wanna do a last check for anything that might be dangerous. Of course the stubborn old fart doesn't want to leave so there you go.

I'll be back later once I'm sure everybody I'm responsible for is gonna be safe.


All done. The old man is good and my two old aunts around the corner too. I can relax. The Mrs. is cooking a buncha stuff so we don't have to worry if the power goes out for a couple days. We can heat stuff up on the gas grill once the storm is over.

Nothing else to do but wait, and watch football (soccer), and drink beer, and puff up a couple, and eat.

And just an observation: The other day, during the earthquake, the dogs didn't even notice. It came during their early afternoon nap and neither woke up. We're now starting to get the outermost bands of the hurricane and they're acting the way I would have expected before the earthquake. They know something's up. Whether they're reading our anxiety as we're making sure everything is done, or whether they know something big is coming, I know not.

Got my camera ready too. Of course I'll post pics in the aftermath.

And another observation: This storm shares the same name as my old aunt in Germany, the matriarch of the family. I'm expecting a big one. Heh ...

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Gordon said...

This storm shares the same name as my old aunt in Germany

Only half her fury, I bet...