Saturday, July 17, 2004


From Kevin T. Kieth at Lean Left.  It's amazing that this got through the House at all:

Finally some good news in an ugly week: the House accepted an amendment to an agriculture bill, added by Carolyn Maloney and Henry Waxman, that would prevent the FDA from restricting emergency contraception pills as a prescription-only medication. This would codify the recommendation of the FDA's expert advisory panel last year to release the drug on an over-the-counter basis, which the FDA refused to act on under pressure from right-wing groups. The bill was passed by voice vote this week and sent to the Senate; if the Senate version also passes with the EC rider, the bill will go to Bush for signature. Here's hoping.

Do you think President Dickhead will sign it? Depends what's in the Ag Bill it's attached to. If some of his cronies stand to make money from it, it will pass. If not, it's DOA before it gets to Dick-boy's desk, if the Repubs in the Senate don't kill it first.

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