Saturday, July 17, 2004

Just because

I'm a dog person, and I love the British hounds, (Foxhouds, Harriers, Beagles, Bassetts) so when I saw this at TBogg . . .

By semi-popular demand...

People have written asking to see Satchmo who has been mentioned so many times on this blog Here you go:

Satchmo the Wonder Bassetrt and Beckham the Possessed -By-Satan Bassett.

No. This doesn't mean the beginning of Bassett Blogging Saturday....

And of course, Mrs. F wondered where I put the picture of our little princess. Here it is:

Schoene Maedchen (German) a.k.a., Shayna Maedel (Yiddish) a.k.a., Shayna the Australian Cattle Dog. (Translation: Pretty Girl)

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