Tuesday, July 13, 2004


The big news of the day on MSNBC:

NBC News and news services
Updated: 3:24 p.m. ET July 13, 2004

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - A suspected Saudi al-Qaida militant who had appeared in a videotape with Osama bin Laden was flown back to the kingdom from Iran after he surrendered under a government amnesty, state television said on Tuesday

. . .

Al-Harby was the third person to surrender since Saudi Arabia announced on June 23 a one-month government amnesty aimed primarily at militants who have attacked Westerners, government targets and energy sites in the world’s biggest oil exporter. [my emphasis]

. . .

Al-Harby was up there, though "not an operational player". Okay, so if the U.S. would have caught him, he would have gone to Guantanamo, right? This man was with bin Laden on the tape admitting he took part in the 9/11 planning. What are the odds the Saudis turn him over to us? I wouldn't bet on it.

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