Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Class Warfare

Go see Bill at Whiskey Bar. He has an essay about the class warfare tactics of the Republicans.

[. . .]

Now nobody will ever accuse John Kerry of being just another muddy plebeian, even though his own class standing (as opposed to his wife's former husband's) falls somewhere in the neighborhood of Orwell's "lower upper middle class." Maybe a notch higher - Orwell, after all, entered the colonial service as a lowly policeman; Kerry's dad became a diplomat.

But either way, Kerry can't hold a candle to the Bush family's silver spoon credentials, which fetch back at least four generations and connect, via marriage, with the Walkers, dynastic allies of the House of Morgan (and the source of one of the elder Bush's two middle names.)

[. . .]

Gotta go!

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