Sunday, July 11, 2004

The next DCI

Hey, I got a novel fucking idea. Why dont' we get a REAL spook to run the Agency instead of some politcal idiot. I've heard a bunch of names mentioned, Porter Goss, John Lehman, Richard Armitage, and a couple others. Of the list, the best in my book would be Armitage. An ex-Jarhead who knows the ins and outs of foreign policy, and about the places we need good intelligence. The rest of them are just fucking politicians who President Ineptitude owes a political favor. Let's get a career person to run the CIA, someone who knows SOMETHING about intelligence gathering and analysis, not some fucking asshole who's only qualifications are sitting on a congressional intelligence committee and reading too much Tom Clancy. (Not that I have a prob with Tom, love his work, but they ain't textbooks.)

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