Monday, July 12, 2004

Jesus and Jimmy

I know Jimmy Breslin is a nut, but that's why I like him. I stop by Newsday about once a month and catch up with his columns. This one caught my eye:

Footing the GOP's heavy-handedness

[. . .]

Bush says that Christ is on his side on abortion, late-term abortions, same-sex marriages, stem cell research. "Do they think any of this is as important as a mother who can't feed and clothe her children? I don't know where he gets it all from," Christ said. "I never said anything like that in the Scriptures."

He does not like it a bit when they claim they kill in Iraq in his name. They say they are killing for both America and Christ. Everybody should be in favor of that - Christ waging war in the sands to protect America. They say he is helping them kill guerrillas and insurgents and thugs from other countries. Outside agitators!

"They are Iraqis," Christ was saying. "They are residents. They act on free will. We are going to see about that later. But I do know that mortals on Earth can't have me killing for America. Or doing anything for America alone. Try using me anywhere in America. Tell people in the mountains in Wyoming, or on a parkway in Memphis. But they cannot say that I am only with America. God bless America. But God blesses Jordan, too. And Syria. And Israel and Palestine both. And I say to you that God blesses Iraq. Watch out, if you think you are the favored people. There are none!"

[. . .]

If you read history, everyone claims God is on their side when they go to war. The winners believe it. I'd try and put together a tally of how many lives were taken in His name over the centuries, but it's too depressing.

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