Wednesday, October 27, 2004

DeLay May Go Down

Evan Derkacs on AlterNet says DeLay may not get an 11th term:

"I am the federal government."

– Tom DeLay, responding to a government employee who tried to prevent him from smoking on government property. The New York Times, June 13, 2003

Think of Tom DeLay as that snotty, privileged kid on the playground. He's already gotten at least four strikes, blames the ump, threatens those who suggest he sit down, and then tells his friends that he hit a home run. Oh, and he's got all the candy.

Long story here. It takes a long one just to recount "Bugs'" crimes. Thank God he doesn't list misdemeanors and infractions, let alone sins. Whole forests would die to provide enough paper. Then there's politics and perceptions.

Yet despite this last ditch effort to repair DeLay's Hemorrhaging public image it's beginning to look like the combined weight of the scandals and Democracy for America's TV ads are taking their toll. The latest poll shows DeLay's lead has been cut to 42% - 35% (under 50% for an incumbent typically spells doom.

Time to get back under houses with a spray gun, dipshit.

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