Saturday, October 30, 2004

More on Osama Bin* Video

Here's a take on it from Whiskey Bar:
Right on time, too -- four days before the election. (The Madrid bombing was three days before.)

In a way, this move is even smarter than an actual terrorist attack on American soil -- which al-Qaeda might not have been able to pull off anyway. A real attack would have been an unpredictable gamble. It might have given Bush a huge boost, but it's at least conceivable it would have had the opposite effect, by underscoring the hollowness of the endlessly repeated Republican claim that our cowboy-in-chief has made us all safer.

What was it Rove said the other day when Sean Hannity asked him about October surprises? "We've got a couple of things we intend to spring." Something like that.

By plastering his face over every TV in America for the next couple of days, he's given Bush a priceless gift -- a boogeyman with which to frighten that last sliver of undecided voters into rejecting change. Al Qaeda, it seems, has evolved into one hell of an effective 527 organization.

I didn't know that OBL was a Republican operative. It would be interesting to know how long before 9/11 he was on the payroll.

*That's what they call him in Texas, like 'Billy Bob'.

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