Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More On Missing Boom-Boom

If you think I'm pissed off about this, you're right. We certainly have not heard the last of this, nor of the soon-to-be-gone administration's dissembling and lies. Joe Conason of The New York Observer has this to say via Working For Change:

Specifically, the IAEA turned over to the Pentagon a list of sites that should be guarded by the invasion forces, including the Al Qaqaa complex. The IAEA had monitored that site for more than a decade and placed its contents under seal, because the same HMX and RDX explosives so useful in making car bombs and roadside mines are also ideal for triggering a nuclear weapon.

Explaining how persons unknown could have absconded with 40 truckloads of exceptionally dangerous munitions in the midst of an American invasion is a challenge even for this White House

Oh, have faith. They'll figure out a way.

According to the Iraqi interim government, which reported this incident to the IAEA two weeks ago, the theft of the explosives occurred after American forces entered Baghdad on April 9, during the orgy of looting of "government installations due to lack of security."

Our officials were very busy, of course, advancing photo ops on aircraft carriers and dispatching Republican operatives to the "Green Zone" in Baghdad. They weren't inclined to pay much attention to international meddlers at the U.N. or the IAEA. Why would they listen to anyone else when they never make a mistake?

Not only have we not heard the last of this, I think we have barely heard the beginning. Every time a car bomb goes off, or a Humvee carrying American soldiers gets blown away, think of George W. Bush. Be angry, be very, very angry.

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