Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Speak Of The Devil And Up He Jumps...

Yesterday, Fixer posted about sending some stuff to a Republican who has been bombarding his inbox with right-wing and Christian propaganda. In the comments section, I kinda ribbed him about how this fellow might think he's on a mission from God and the GOP to convert Fixer and redouble his efforts.

Big mistake. I shoulda kept my fool mouth shut. Too late now, there's a swell-tasting foot in it. Mine.

I get a lot of e-mail from Kerry and the DNC. Day before yesterday the DNC sent me one about the missing explosives in Iraq. Since Fixer and I had been expounding at length about how the swell fellows in charge of our military mission, beginning with the so-called Commander-in-Chief, may possibly have been the teensiest bit remiss in their planning and foresight, the subject was up front in my mind.

I hit 'forward' and fired the e-mail off to a lot of my friends, including one I shouldn't have: My wife's nephew, Steve. He is not quite 40, married, father of two small children. He's a schoolteacher and so's his wife. He is a published author.I have known him since he was about eight. I like him a lot.

Steve's mom, Mrs. G.'s sister, doesn't like political discussions amongst family members and now I see why. I know Steve is a wingnut, and I sent him the e-mail to mess with him. It must have worked.

Steve replied with some caustic comments about my intelligence and the "lame stream media". He mailed me a whole article, not a link, from some wingnut website refuting any administration or Army involvement. Then I made my second mistake: I responded with a short quote and link countering his crap. Thinking that would be the end of it, I closed with this line: "Peace. Be sure to vote on November 3rd."

He responded by accusing me of voter suppression and more wingnut BS. This time I just sent "Peace" hoping he'd stop it.

Next, he sends me comments about Kerry's anti-Vietnam-war statements and a quote from A. Lincoln about being a traitor if you criticize the President in time of war, along with, again, a whole article, this time from Faux News. I haven't responded to this one and don't think I will. Nah, I'll probably send him this post. Mrs. G. wants to send him a link to "Bush Relatives For Kerry". She knew I started this thing as a little dig, and now she's getting pissed. With two small kids, he ought to have better things to do. As a schoolteacher with a college education, he should know better than to buy into the wingnut scam.

So, Fixer, get a good laugh on ol' Gord. Roll around on the floor holding your sides and spew milk out your nose if you like. I damn sure got it coming. I should be more careful of what I say because it's likely to come back and bite me on the ass, but I probably won't, and it probably will.

In closing, I can think of no better thing to say about my favorite nephew than this quote from the Fixer: "I'd love to shove my Godless, baby-killing, Commie-pinko, gay-loving, Liberal foot up his ass." Yeesh!

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