Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Whatever it takes


Bush is appealing to Democrats on national security grounds, citing FDR and Truman. Had either of them fought a war as incompetently as this one, we'd be speaking German on the East Coast and Japanese on the West. Or Russian from sea to shining sea.

FDR and Truman? The man who got us through the Great Depression and the largest conflict in human history? The man who set the bar for Presidential responsibility, coining the phrase 'The Buck Stops Here'? I thought I had an overdeveloped ego.

I guess that's what happens when you have fucked up everything you've touched. You have to wrap yourself in different cloaks. Reagan? FDR? Truman? Like Lloyd Bentsen said to Dan 'Dickhead' Quayle: "I knew Jack Kennedy; he was a friend of mine. You're NO Jack Kennedy." Well, President Limp Weenie, you're no FDR or Truman, you're just another Dan Quayle.

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