Thursday, October 28, 2004

Force Readiness

Bleak. From Josh Marshall:

[. . .]

Back on December 6th of last year, you’ll remember, the Washington Post reported that in 2004, four of ten Army divisions would not be combat ready for up to six months. Specifically, they would be rated at C-3 or C-4, the Army’s two lowest readiness levels.

[. . .]

The picture this reporting paints for Guard readiness is, I’m told, considerably more bleak than the December news about readiness in the Army.

Readiness in stateside Guard brigades is so poor because those brigades are essentially being cannibalized – for both men and materiel – to keep afloat brigades that are currently stationed in Iraq.

And we wonder why recruitment is down? This is what happens when civilians in power read too many Tom Clancy novels.

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