Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Who is Iraqi hand puppet . . . er, Prime Minister Allawi playing to? I know everybody's been on this:

Prime Minister Ayad Allawi blamed the American-led military forces on Tuesday for the weekend massacre of 49 freshly trained Iraqi soldiers, saying the military had shown “major negligence.”

[. . .]

Could it be that while he is a cutthroat and a CIA informant/assassin/stooge, he cares about his country and his people a little more than he does about the Bush agenda? Blood is thicker than money and oil after all. Maybe he does want a stable society, maybe he's had enough of the carnage and the bodies stacking up. Maybe he sees his country's infrastructure crumbling away under continued U.S. bombing. It is his home, you know. Allawi could be the spoiler for Bush in the election if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. If he's assassinated in the next couple days, you can guess who did it.

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