Thursday, December 9, 2004

Discovery Channel To Become Military Channel

I'm by no means a war lover, but I will cop to being an amateur military historian, so this is big news. I love the Discovery Channel and I hope this change makes it even better. From Bill Berkowitz in Working For Change:
Scheduled to debut on January 10, the Military Channel will lead with two seemingly non-controversial premieres: "Delta Company," a two-hour special "chronicl[ing] the route taken by the Delta Company's 1st Tank Battalion last year as it pushed toward Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom," and "Task Force Red Dog," an hour-long special about the Marine Corps reservists "who were called on to establish a base deep in the mountains of Afghanistan as the U.S. military launched its hunt for Osama bin Laden and Taliban leaders in late 2001. "

Maybe this'll help my carpal tunnel syndrome clicker finger.

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