Wednesday, December 8, 2004

The stench of hypocrisy 2

From the White House website via Atrios:

[. . .]

Overall, 94 million Americans will have a lower tax bill next year, including 70 million women and 38 million families with children. The money they keep will make it easier to save for their retirement, or their children's education, invest in a home or a small business, or pay off credit card debts. One of those families is the Hintz family, from Clive, Iowa. Thank you all for coming. (Applause.)

It's a special day for Mike and Sharla, not because they're with the President or with Chairman Grassley, but because it's their 13th wedding anniversary. (Applause.) Theirs is a typical story. See, last year they received a child tax credit check for $1,600 for their four children. And under all the tax relief we've passed, they saved about $2,800 last year. With this extra money they bought a wood-burning stove to reduce their home heating costs. They made a decision for their family. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

And then we find out:

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines youth pastor is charged with sexual exploitation by a counselor.

KCCI learned that the married father of four recently turned himself in to Johnston police.

Rev. Mike Hintz was fired from the First Assembly of God Church, located at 2725 Merle Hay Road, on Oct. 30. Hintz was the youth pastor there for three years.

Police said he started an affair with a 17-year-old woman in the church youth group this spring. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

Yep, good thing you folks got them there moral values. Fucking asshole. This Hintz guy probably was the one preaching loudest about abstinence-only and morality. You know, I don't tell anyone how to live their lives. I don't give a shit what you do, as long as it's with consenting adults, but I can hold my head high and sleep at night, knowing my morals and principles are intact. How about you red-staters? How many of you 'Jesus Conservatives' can say that?

Hell, let me put up a pic of the lowlife turd too:

'Reverend' Hintz
Moral Kommissar

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