Tuesday, December 7, 2004


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But as things currently stand, on this issue (as well as others like divorce), the Red States have no ground to stand on. Those crazy New Englad liberals are running circles around them in this tangible measure of their residents' "values".

From the Kos Diaries via RUFNKM.

Remember how I put up the chart, just after the election showing the IQ numbers of red staters vs. blue staters? Think there's a correlation? I do. Until the red staters change their worldview, and their educational policies, I will call 'em like I see 'em. They're stupid and they're hypocrites. Don't talk to me about abstinence-only sex education when most of your teenage girls are knocked up before their 20th birthday. Don't talk to me about the sanctity of marriage when your divorce rate is the highest in the nation. Don't talk to me about home schooling when my dog is more educated than you are. And don't talk to me about tax cuts when my tax money is supporting your stupid shit. Just shut the fuck up, you sanctimonious morons.

I mean, come on, look where they get the contestants for The Jerry Springer Show.

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