Saturday, December 11, 2004


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- One week after President Bush's nominated him to be secretary of homeland security, former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik withdrew from consideration Friday night after discovering a former household employee had a questionable immigration status.

Kerik said in a news release the immigration problem with the former housekeeper and nanny was discovered while he was completing documents required for his Senate confirmation.

He said he also learned "that for a period of time during such employment, required tax payments and related filings had not been made."

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And this shit came out before they even looked through his NYPD records. Kerik had too many skeletons, probably a couple brutality complaints if my guess is right. We should consider this a victory for our side, and we should feel safer that this unqualified 'bully boy' will not be running Homeland Security.

Update: 08:15:

Steve Gillard has more.

Update: 09:55:

Told ya

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