Friday, December 10, 2004

Our works

Via P.O.'d Patricia over at Blondie's. As regulars know, I bitch all the time about the little-dick Chickenhawks who've never been in combat who yell loudest for war. I always say that people have no idea what war is about and if they did know, they would use war as a last resort. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here's your chance. War, uncensored and in living color. Hope all you Jesuslanders are happy, for this is what you've wrought, and on 2 Nov, you voted for it to continue.

Since these things were done in our name, I feel we should see what we have done.
Looking at these photos gave me the same feeling I had the day we committed Shock and Awe in Iraq. These are photos of the dead in Fallujah. Dahr Jamail sent an email today and linked to these photos. If you go and view all seven pages be prepared to see the most awful of deaths. There are bodies that have been partially eaten by dogs. There are pictures that once in your head will never leave you.

I've seen this first hand, and I've smelled bodies rotting in the sun. I'll never forget it.

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