Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Democrats.com Urges Bush to Apologize, Exit Iraq - and Resign or Face Impeachment.

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Democrats.com also urged Bush to resign from office by New Year's Day, along with Dick Cheney. "There is only one reason we invaded Iraq, and that is because George Bush and Dick Cheney made up their minds to do so, even before they stole the White House in 2000," Fertik said. "As conservatives who champion 'personal responsibility,' George Bush and Dick Cheney should take a dose of their own medicine and resign by New Year's Day, to let a new team put American on a new road to security and peace," he added.

If Bush refuses to resign, Democrats.com promised to build the largest grassroots impeachment movement in the nation's history. "George Bush claims the 2004 election was his one and only 'accountability moment,'" Fertik said. "But as Bush himself recently said, 'there's nothing farther from the truth.' The Constitution gives Congress the power to impeach the President for 'treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.' There can be no clearer case of an impeachable offense than lying to Congress and the American people about war and needlessly sending 1,744 young Americans to their deaths," Fertik concluded.

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This is the kind of talk we need. "Bush/Cheney '04 - Resign or be Impeached."

Thanks to the Sister for the link.

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